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Renovation of dry dock 5

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Dry dock 5 was completely renovated as part of the reconversion of the Engine Deck Repair yard. This project includes all electromechanical equipment in and around the dock. The docking installation (tow trucks, rails, winches, etc.) was redesigned so that the process of docking and undocking a ship can be done semi-automatically. Operation of the dock door as well as the pump room equipment were completely replaced. Around the dock, all technological components (electrics, piping, etc.) were renewed.


With steel cables of 110 m in length, the door winch has a tractive force of about 10 tons.


A total area of 5,750 m² of concrete has been renovated, including the walls of the dry dock and the pump cellar.

Dry dock 5 has a total length of 255 m and a width of 41 m.


The entire process was designed through our BIM methodology, including the existing and designed condition.

With a height of 11.6 m, a width of 40.85 m and a total weight of 167 tons, this truly is a huge dock door.