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– design competition not selected –

The ICOON in Terneuzen should function as an observation tower from which anyone can discover the city’s strengths and features from a great height.


Minimalist furniture will be provided in and on the tower, which ties in with the robust and sturdy image of the observation tower.

Once at the top of the observation tower, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Terneuzen and the Scheldt. Here people are at a height of about 22 meters above the water surface. The slight inclination of the tower gives the feeling of floating above the water.

On the way up, visitors come across various viewing openings of different shapes and sizes. The purpose of these openings is to highlight specific landmarks in the surrounding landscape. In addition to the peepholes, a profile in Corten steel explains exactly what can be observed.


This sight is also known as the “Holy Grail”.

The unique shape of the entrance makes it seem from afar that the tower is not accessible. The opening can only be seen when visitors come closer, as we want to arouse their curiosity even more.

This opening with a view of the channel gives the visitor the feeling of stepping into a living painting. The combination of the opening and the hollow structure of the observation tower also ensures that the sound of the chiming water reverberates in the tower, which in turn enhances the experience.


The conical shape formed with the steel profiles also provides a sense of security when climbing the tower. These are placed at a safe distance from each other so that they also function as fall protection. The width of the viewing openings is also narrow enough.