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Bicycle and pedestrian bridge Wielsbeke-Waregem

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The new Wielsbeke-Waregem bicycle and pedestrian bridge is part of the broader Seine-Scheldt project. This project aims to create an inland waterway connection with a large clearance between the Seine basin on the one hand and the Scheldt basin on the other. The bridge should form a tourist-recreational connection across the Lys. An optimal location was selected to establish a connection between Wielsbeke on the left bank and Waregem on the right bank for this purpose. More specifically, the location for the new bridge to be built is at the downstream end of the Leiemeander on the left bank. The bicycle and pedestrian bridge will also serve as an important link in the bicycle network. Bicycle highway F371 runs on the towpaths along both banks. This connects Komen with Deinze along the route of the Lys.


The steel bridge follows an organic line from low to high, so the experience is not the same in any location.

The pillars are placed about 13 m apart. By following the inclination of the uprights on the bridge deck in line, the impression of a concrete sculpture is created rather than individual building elements on top of each other.


The uprights of the bridge are inclined outwards to allow more room at steering height without having to widen the bridge deck. This also allowed certain shadow lines to be realized on the outside to achieve an even more streamlined appearance.

Our ambition was to create a modest, harmonious bridge that blends into its surroundings.


Three building blocks were used: concrete approach ramp, steel bridge and embankment. The cycle path on an embankment ensures that the new route is literally anchored in its surroundings. Then there is a concrete approach ramp in a straight line that allows you time to experience the steel bridge as a true masterpiece.