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SBE nv is pleased to form part of the design team for the further development of Ring park Het Schijn!

New project: Ring park Het Schijn!

The design team OMGEVING – De Urbanisten – Cobe has been assigned the further development of Ring park Het Schijn in Antwerp. In the coming years the team will work out the vision, the predesign and the final design based on the concepts for ‘zone east’ from the preliminary trajectory Over de Ring.

Ring park Het Schijn is a 25 ha large part of De Grote Verbinding, a project that brings together the Oosterweel connection, the Scheldt bank connection and seven Ring parks in order to increase the greenery and the connections in Antwerp and to decrease noise and air pollution. This Ring park will revaluate the course of the river ‘Het Schijn’ and develop an identity for the park around it. A wide and green canopy above the ring road will bring Borgerhout and Deurne closer together.

Through a co-creative and participatory process, the design team wishes to design and negotiate together to turn this area into a lively, local and supra-local park.

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