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Location: Halle
Discipline: Civil engineering & infrastructure, Urbanism & Design
Period: 2015 - 2021

Zenne bridge


Autumn 2021

Official opening

August 26, 2021

Completion of the execution works

August 2021

Construction of the new road René Deboecklaan

February 2021

Start of the execution works

October 2018

Single permit approved

July 2017

Start of study

October 2015

The project area is located along the Zenne in Halle. The design starts at the René Deboecklaan, next to the Bevrijdingsplein roundabout constructed in 2002. The new road will be extended via the new bridge over the Zenne to the Zuidbrug project commissioned by De Vlaamse Waterweg.

SBE was responsible for the design of the new Zenne Bridge commissioned by the City of Halle, which connects to the new Zuidbrug over the Brussels-Charleroi canal. It is being constructed at the same time and will become the artery for through traffic in the future, creating  more pleasant environment in the city centre. Subsequently, the design of the new Zenne Bridge will be in line with the “Halle, urban development on the Zenne“ project, where a new supra-local cycle path between the station and the Colruyt cluster to the west of Halle will be researched.

This includes the construction of a new, non-movable bridge for car traffic as well as cyclists and pedestrians. It consists of a new organically shaped steel-concrete bridge with a support structure made from steel tubes and a concrete bridge deck. The bridge has a total span of 34.50M and width of +/-20M. At the crossroads between the Zenne Bridge and the Zuidbrug, an external staircase will be provided to give access to the towpath along the canal. This external staircase will have a design that forms a coherent whole with the Zennebrug, creating a flowing movement similar to the arch bridge shape of Zuidbrug. In combination with the lateral finish of the Zenne Bridge, the side wall of the external staircase creates a retaining wall so that a green embankment can be included in line with the existing gradient. At the junction with the Suikerkaai exit there is also a considerable difference in height between the new junction and the existing bank of the Senne. This difference in height is worked out in the same way as the side wall of the external staircase.