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Location: Utrecht
Discipline: Industry & Buildings
Period: ...


TivoliVredenburg is a unique complex with five concert halls in the heart of Utrecht. The building is a combination of old and new: the old Great Hall of the former Vredenburg Muziekpaleis was preserved and destined to be used for symphonic music. This hall was expanded with the construction of four new rooms for chamber music, pop, crossover and jazz. Between the halls there is an indoor music square. Structurally, the building consists of two large concrete cores between which a steel structure forms the concert halls.

Flexibility was a priority in the design of the installation: the layout and use of the rooms had to be as free as possible, so that adjustments could easily be made to meet the future needs of the operator and visitors.

The design of the steel structures and practical experience in the assembly phase are some of the strengths for which SBE is known, even across national borders. In respect of TivoliVredenburg, the contractor CSM Steel Structures drew upon this expertise for the detailed calculations, assembly study and layout of all plans.