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Location: Rotterdam
Discipline: Industry & Buildings
Period: ...


The Timmerhuis is a great asset within Rotterdam. The last show-piece of Rem Koolhaas (architectural firm OMA) is “a cloud of steel and glass”; it’s an icon that breathes life back to the place where the rebuilding of Rotterdam was focussed. Living, working, culture and relaxation come together in one building. This construction is not only a new site for the management board, but there is also room for an underground car park, retail, catering, offices and 84 apartments, all surrounded by green terraces on higher levels.

The Timmerhuis is structurally built upwards on the basis of an innovative system: by working with modular units, maximum efficiency and diversity in terms of both construction and usage is achieved. An open plan design was chosen for the ground floor, which resulted in a challenging, cantilevered steel structure. For this complex structure, the contractor CSM Steel Structures called on SBE’s expertise to carry out the detailed calculations, plotting and the entire assembly study. It’s an architectural gem that we look back on with great pride!