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Location: Viersel
Discipline: Civil engineering & infrastructure
Period: 2012 - 2014

Steel arched bridge Viersel

Anchoring of steel arched bridge and assembly in final position

March 2014

End of study

January 2014

Start of Viersel study

January 2012

Also in this project, the bridge in Viersel will be renewed in order to achieve a headway of 9.1 metres and the canal will be widened to 86 metres. SBE’s expertise was called upon by contractor Victor Buyck Steel Construction nv to bring this project to a successful conclusion. Various aspects needed to be addressed: demolishing the existing bridge, building the new abutment and a new steel bridge, adapting to the roadway so that it connects to the new bridge, and finally the construction of new bank defences.

The design of the arch bridge consists of thin arched legs that come together at the top in a central arch with limited height, resulting in a very slender geometry. From this arched construction, the concrete bridge deck is suspended with solid hangers made of high-grade steel. SBE took care of all implementation details, both the calculation and plans, in respect of temporary and permanent situations.