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Location: Grobbendonk
Discipline: Civil engineering & infrastructure
Period: 2010 - 2014

Steel arched bridge in Grobbendonk

Anchoring of the new arched bridge and assembly at final location

October 2014

End of Grobbendonk study

January 2012

Start of Grobbendonk study

January 2010

In 2007, the concrete bridge over the Albert Canal in Grobbendonk was severely damaged as a result of a collision. Consequently, the bridge was no longer able to carry the loads from the downstream side, which meant that road traffic had to pass in turn, travelling along one lane.

NV De Scheepvaart, in consultation with the municipality of Grobbendonk, decided to replace the existing concrete bridge with a steel bowstring bridge with a larger span of 108 metres. This also meets the needs of a European main waterway: the clearance height and width will be increased.

Once again, contractor Victor Buyck Steel Construction nv and SBE are working together to bring this project to a successful conclusion. In order to cause as little inconvenience as possible to shipping and road traffic, the bridge deck and arches were initially transported across the water to a nearby assembly site. By means of a shipping operation, the bridge was then placed in its entirety on the new abutments so that the concrete deck could be finished.

SBE was able to deploy its many years of expertise in supplying the complete implementation study for the steel superstructure and concrete substructure, including installation conditions, modifications to the banks and the design of the sheet piling at the construction sites.