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Location: Ghent
Discipline: Port, river & hydraulic engineering
Period: 2010 - 2011

Scaldis lock

Works to open up the Lower Scheldt in the center of Ghent began in November 2016, nearly 60 years after it was filled in at Reep. The historic confluence of the Lys and the Lower Scheldt towards Portus Ganda was thereby restored and the neighborhood underwent a real transformation.

The construction of the Scaldis lock was one of the last major links within these major infrastructure works. The lock on the Oude Beestenmarkt will allow tourist and pleasure boats to sail around the city center again. A kayak slide was even provided that allows kayakers to bypass the lock, so they don’t lose valuable time waiting around while the bridge is up.

SBE was responsible for the development of the complete implementation file of the concrete works of the lock, the kayak slide, the quay and retaining walls and the steel structure of the revolving doors and weir gates. The assignment also included the foundation of the new service building located near the lock complex, with the preparation of calculations and all plans. The historical context and optimal experience on pleasure boat rides are all taken into account.