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Location: Zeebrugge
Discipline: Civil engineering & infrastructure, Urbanism & Design
Period: 2009 - 2012

Saint-George’s Day Walk

The St. George’s Day walk in Zeebrugge ranges along the port’s Western pier. Thanks to the 500-metre extension in 2012, the path brings you back to the sea. The footpath and the prominent viewing platforms are an attraction for anyone who wants to enjoy both the hustle and bustle at the port and the spectacle of the sea and the beach.

The walk is 1 kilometre long in total. Various benches are present to allow enough places for walkers to rest. Two platforms are the ideal marker points and resting places during the walk. Because they jut out, these are places to enjoy the view of the walk itself, while offering a place for cyclists and go-carters to change direction. These semi-circular platforms are 10 metres wide and overhang the summit blocks by means of a guy-rope construction.  The pylon construction also gives the walk an identity of being on the beach, which has become a landmark in the surrounding area.

The 4 m-wide footpath is accessible to walkers, cyclists and go-carters. The walk has also been designed in accordance with public accessibility standards, meaning the disabled can reach the footpath smoothly and safely too. The main supporting structure for the footpath consists of steel girders. Galvanised steel floor grilles are attached to the primary steel structure, which are open along the sea side and closed along the port side. A 1.1 m-high balustrade serves as the protective verge for the walk along the sea side. Open fencing has been provided along the port side. On the one hand, this partition serves to ensure the safety of walkers, given the difference in height between the service road and the walk. On the other, the fence also ensures that the port is not subject to unauthorised entry. The openness of the partition maintains the view of the port.

SBE was responsible for:

  • The technical and financial feasibility study on the expansion of the footpath.
  • The design and implementation study for both the steel and concrete structures of the full artwork and appurtenances.