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Location: Rotterdam
Discipline: Industry & Buildings
Period: ...

Rotterdam Central

Rotterdam Central Station is a public transport terminal of international standing. The connection to the European network of high-speed trains and light rail connections is expected to lead to a substantial increase in passenger numbers by 2025, of up to 320,000 passengers per day.

The station hall is made from shiny stainless steel and forms a sculptural icon on Rotterdam’s cultural axis. The roof of the hall is folded, just like origami, and is made from steel. The roof and awnings are finished in stainless steel on the outside, with wooden ceiling cladding on the inside. SBE assisted the contractor, Iemants, with this section, working on a layout of a 3D model.

In addition, the contractor CSM Steel Structures were able to rely on SBE’s extensive expertise when it came to the roof tracks. The main supporting structure consists of a system of steel longitudinal trusses, with Y-shaped columns, hearkening back to the shape of the old platform roof. The roof is clad in photovoltaic glass and is ‘folded’ over, ending in a fully glazed north façade. For this section, SBE completed the main study, detailed study and the drawing work.