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Location: Antwerp
Discipline: Civil engineering & infrastructure
Period: 2008 - 2011

Road and tram bridge Noorderlaan Antwerp

End of study on Noorderlaan bridges

January 2011

End of phase 1: commissioning of the road bridge

July 2009

Anchoring of middle span of road bridge

January 2009

Final assembly of road bridges in the workshop

November 2008

Start of study on Noorderlaan bridges

January 2008

The first bridges to be tackled within this Master Plan are the Noorderlaan bridges in Antwerp. By working in phases, any inconvenience caused to road and waterway users was minimised. The new Noorderlaan bridge consists of 2 separate bridges: one for car traffic and one for public transport. Both bridges are mixed steel concrete bridges with steel substructures, which rest on 6 steel pillars.

The car bridge is the largest bridge and has 2 lanes in each direction. This bridge will be placed on the western side (the Straatsburgdok side). On the eastern side (Ring side) there will be a bridge for public transport, with one lane in each direction and for both buses and trams. For pedestrians and cyclists there will be a foot and cycle path in both directions.

The total length per bridge is approx. 177 metres, divided into a central span of approx. 80 metres across the Albert Canal and a side span of 50 metres each across each bank of the canal.

SBE provided the entire implementation study for both bridges, from the overall to the detailed calculations as well as overview plans of all components.