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Location: Flanders
Discipline: Civil engineering & infrastructure, Port, river & hydraulic engineering, Urbanism & Design
Period: 2011 - ...

Refurbishment Seine Scheldt

The Seine Scheldt project is a European initiative linking the Seine Basin (Paris region) with the Scheldt Basin (Antwerp). This water link between the two countries will enable shipping traffic for vessels of up to 4,500 tonnes (CEMT class e.g. vessels) and make inland navigation an equivalent alternative to freight traffic. In Flanders, De Vlaamse Waterweg nv, supported by the European Union, is leading this pilot project. For our country, this means specifically adapting 7 waterways. On the one hand, sailing capacity will be increased, but on the other there is a need to carry out river restoration, recreation on and along the water, and urban renewal.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and so the redevelopment of the Seine Scheldt is taking place in stages. SBE is eager to be involved to a greater extent in the further development of the Seine Scheldt initiative in the future, but at the moment it is already heavily involved in 4 places, or in 4 sub-projects:

  • The adaptation of the weir lock in Harelbeke.
  • Upgrading the Leie environment in the city centre of Menen (Transit Menen).
  • The redevelopment of the stretch of the Leie between Deinze and Sint-Baafs-Vijve (‘Pand 140’).
  • The construction of a new bicycle bridge at Wielsbeke Waregem.

Sub-project 1: Lys works in Harelbeke

Discipline: Port, River & Hydraulic Engineering, Civil engineering & infrastructure
Status: Completed

In order to make the Seine-Scheldt section navigable for ships up to 4,500 tonnes, the river Lys in Harelbeke needed to be made deeper. The future-proofing of the water site was accompanied by a new lock and barrage complex, the construction of 3 new bridges (2 fixed and 1 movable), bank defences, quay walls, soil protection and the redevelopment of the immediate surroundings.

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Sub-project 2: Lys works in Menen

Discipline: Port, River & hydraulic Engineering
Status: Study in progress

The works on the Lys crossing in Menen are on two fronts: on the one hand, the straightening of the Lys itself in the city centre—including new quay walls and a new bridge—and on the other, a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge at the edge of the project area.

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Sub-project 3: Calibration works Lys between Sint-Baafs-Vijve and Deinze

Discipline: port, river & hydraulic engineering
Status: Study in progress

This sub-project includes the crossing of the river Lys between Sint-Baafs-Vijve and Deinze. In addition to the adaptation of the calibrated profile (especially from a nautical and hydraulic engineering point of view), this project also focuses on the ecological and landscape background.

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Sub-project 3: Bicycle bridge Wielsbeke Waregem

Status: Study in progress

In this subproject a new bridge for cyclists and pedestrians over the Lys is realised between Wielsbeke and Waregem. The main principle for the design of the bridge is, in addition to the usual technical requirements, a spatial integration within the green characteristic landscape.

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