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Location: Damme
Discipline: Civil engineering & infrastructure, Urbanism & Design
Period: 2018 - ...

Refurbishment of intersection N49

Between Hoornstraat and the junction of the A11, the N49 will be transformed into a motorway. In addition, two tunnels will be provided under the motorway, one at the heart of Lapscheure and one in the Preekboomstraat. These three sub-tasks are part of this study assignment; SBE is both responsible for the design and supervision of the process by drawing up project notes and unique justification notes.

Within the first sub-assignment, the horizontal and vertical alignment for the N49 as a motorway are the most important elements. An investigation is being carried out as to whether the current road bed can be kept, whether the cross-sectional profile needs to be changed, and/or the bridges over the Damse Vaart need to be modified.

The second part of the assignment zooms in on uncoupling the local road Vredestraat from the N49. The current Vredestraat—N49 intersection will be removed and replaced by a grade-separated crossing by means of a tunnel for mixed traffic.

Finally, the restoration of the local connection at right angles to the N49 at Nonnendijk was also considered. It has already been decided that a tunnel will be built here, but SBE is going to investigate what type of connection is needed: a connection for bicycle traffic, agricultural traffic or mixed traffic. For each of the above scenarios, the impact was investigated, both in terms of traffic and from a geophysical, landscaping point of view.