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Location: Rotterdam
Discipline: Port, river & hydraulic engineering
Period: 2018 - ...

Quay walls Amaliahaven

Test load of MV piles up to 2500 tonnes for the design

December 2019

Start of study

January 2018

A.L.J. Timmermans (B.V. Ingenieursbureau M.U.C.)

A.L.J. Timmermans (B.V. Ingenieursbureau M.U.C.)

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is working for its customers Rotterdam World Gateway and APM Terminals on the expansion of the quay walls for these container terminals. This extension involves the construction of a deep-sea quay wall with a length of almost 3km and accompanying crane track.

Meanwhile, the MariTeam is familiar with the problems. Once again, SBE was asked to carry out the design of the deep-water quay, from preliminary design to tender dossier and technical advice during execution.

During the design process, a large pile test was set up, during which various types of foundation piles were loaded until they reached failure point. The ultimate goal was to optimise the design of the deep-sea quay and the track for the loading crane. MariTeam engineered the test set-up which can generate a load of 2500 tonnes, as well as monitoring the execution of the tests and the interpretation of the results.