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Location: Zeebrugge
Discipline: Civil engineering & infrastructure, Port, river & hydraulic engineering, Urbanism & Design
Period: 2020 - ...

New Lock Zeebrugge

Aerial photos: © henderyckx

The Joint Venture SBE-TRACTEBEL is a partner in the complex project New Lock Zeebrugge of the Department of Mobility and Public Works. With this project, the Flemish government improves the access to the inner port of Zeebrugge and the mobility and quality of life in the municipality. The JV worked already on the technical concept design of the lock environment and the surrounding traffic network. In 2022, the same THV will work on the preliminary design study.

The project as a catalyst for port and region

The port of Zeebrugge is the second largest port in Belgium and is an important player in Europe. In order to continue to fulfill that role, it is not only necessary to grow, but also to remain easily accessible. The complex project New Lock Zeebrugge consists of three pillars. Firstly, a new sea lock on the Visart site provides fully-fledged second access to the inner port of Zeebrugge. That way, economic activity, and employment are assured in the region. Secondly, a new road ‘Nx’ is being constructed. This connecting road will separate traffic and port traffic from local traffic. Finally, the existing infrastructure and facilities in the project area will also be improved. This guarantees the quality of life in the area during and after works.

Furnishing alternative as a result of the current phase

The project is in the elaboration phase. The new lock will be located at the current location of the Visart lock. There are currently many alternatives for the construction of the new lock and the western and eastern access to traffic. Today, various studies are being conducted into mobility, technology, liveability, nautical, environmental effects, and the social costs and benefits. The results of these studies will lead to a design alternative by the end of 2021. This alternative determines how the new lock and the Nx will be built.

SBE participates in new sea lock

Thanks to years of hydraulic engineering expertise and extensive knowledge of the port area, SBE is a valuable partner within this project. Based on the existing project research report, the architectural design of the entire lock environment, bridges, and buildings is extensively studied, analyzed, and elaborated. The technical concept design of the movable bascule bridges and a BIM and GIS model preparation were also part of the first assignment.

For this preliminary design study, SBE is responsible for the project management and the design of the lock gates and the bascule bridges. The architectural design of the entire lock environment is also part of our scope. For the design of the road tunnel, SBE and Tractebel will join forces.

More info?

More information about the complex but challenging project New Lock Zeebrugge can be found on the website You can subscribe to the project’s digital newsletter on the website. The project team will inform you at regular intervals about the progress of the project.