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Location: Brussels
Discipline: Civil engineering & infrastructure
Period: 2005-2013

NATO tunnel

Completion of works above ground

January 2013

Initial work on the tunnel

October 2012

Start of the works

May 2010

Start of study

February 2005

The construction of the new NATO headquarters along Boulevard Leopold III in Brussels also required a major infrastructural intervention: a new tunnel made it possible to smoothly steer through traffic towards the city centre. This made it possible to build an intermodal hub above ground for the traffic to this NATO-quarter, and create a connection to the public transport network.

The major infrastructure project consisted of the following sub-tasks:

  1. A complete reconstruction of the Boulevard Leopold III and its parallel roads
  2. Extension of tram line 55 from the current NATO car park to the regional border
  3. Realisation of a 235 metre long tunnel with two lanes in both directions

These interventions improved access to the adjoining industrial sites and found a balance between the different modes of transport in the neighbourhood. In addition to cars, soft road users and public transport were also taken into consideration. This solution for the ever-increasing traffic flow therefore offers improved safety and traffic flow.

Thanks to the versatility of SBE’s core activities, this entire project could be designed from an integrated approach. There were major challenges, especially in the field of infrastructure and electromechanics. From the preliminary design to tendering, SBE provided the geotechnical (detailed) design and structural (detailed) design for the tunnels and approaches in terms of infrastructure, as well as drawing up all the formwork and reinforcement plans.

SBE also carried out a complete study of hydraulics, mechanics, electromechanics and automation. This included high and low voltage equipment, tunnel lighting, safety signs, dynamic traffic management, a redundant pumping system and the preparation of risk analyses for design and implementation. Finally, supervision of the works was also entrusted to SBE.

A total package in the heart of Brussels!