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Location: Melle
Discipline: Industry & Buildings
Period: 2014 - ...

Multi-purpose SNCB workshop

The lattice work in the reinforcement in the floor slab in the first hall is well underway.

February 2016

Start of construction

June 2014

Start of study

May 2014

The new multi-purpose SNCB workshop in Melle replaces the Merelbeke traction workshop and the central workshop in Gentbrugge. Both sites were very outdated and not equipped to maintain the new multiple-unit trains. The new workshop was built on the old marshalling yard between the Vijverwegel and the Nonnenwegel, on the axis of the important Brussels-Coast-Antwerp railway lines.

Two large halls with workshops and accompanying buildings were erected for maintenance, repair and cleaning of trains. The works include work on the shells, finishing and equipping tasks, including track laying inside the halls.

The concrete floors of both large halls required special attention. On the one hand, it was necessary that they were absolutely watertight. On the other, these monolithic plates form part of a giant area of no less than 200 metres by 200 metres. Because of these enormous dimensions, special attention had to be paid to shrinkage effects and the limitation of crack formation, especially since the trainsets to be maintained travel over this area. On the basis of its expertise and knowledge, SBE was called upon to take care of the entire design of these floors, including the layout of the plan.

In addition, SBE also investigated alternatives for the basic design of the halls, which involved the steel structure of the halls. Alternative designs were examined within a steel-concrete structure and finally found within a totally concrete structure.