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Location: Ghent
Discipline: Civil engineering & infrastructure, Electromechanics, Port, river & hydraulic engineering, Urbanism & Design
Period: 2012 - ...

Meulestede Bridge

The old Meulestede bridge crossing the Ghent-Terneuzen canal in the Ghent Port Area will be replaced. To increase the capacity of the N456-N458 intersection, two new bridges will be constructed next to each other. This will increase the total bridge capacity to 5 lanes. Multiple adjustments to the road infrastructure are also required in the wider area around the bridge.
The new Meulestede bridge will be a so-called twin bridge. This means that the bridge will exist of two separate movable bridges constructed directly next to each other. One bridge will have two lanes, while the other three lanes. This way, the old bridge can largely stay available for traffic during the construction of the first new bridge.  Both bridges can be opened separately. This has the advantage that one bridge can stay available for traffic during future maintenance and repairs.  The bridges will each have a separate lane for shared use by pedestrians and bicycles. The road situation will be adjusted for the new bridge layout, increasing the overall capacity of the junction. The old sewer system will in the immediate vicinity also be renewed. A new bicycle underpass will be constructed below the Meulestede bridge at the canals right bank. This will create a conflict-free transit road for bicycles with good connections to the wider scheme of bicycle paths. For this project, the quay walls will be modified to match with the elevated topography of the bridges. A new building will be constructed to house the bridges electrical equipment.

SBE has performed the complete engineering and design of the Meulestede brige and its surroundings, including:

  • Architectural design (in co-operation with Omgeving)
  • Civil engineering  (full engineering design process)
  • Detailed calculations
  • Design of roads, bicycle paths and surroundings
  • Sewer design
  • Procurement documents