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Location: Rotterdam
Discipline: Port, river & hydraulic engineering
Period: 2016 - 2020

HES Hartel Tank Terminal Rotterdam

The deep sea quay wall has been completed! The tank terminal can then be built.

January 2020

The reinforcement of these bollard massifs is twisted.

March 2019

The implementation of the quay wall is in full swing. Twisting and concreting continues at a steady pace of 3 to 4 days per segment.

February 2019

Test load of MV piles up to 1100 tonnes.

August 2018

Start of study

February 2016

The HES Hartel Tank Terminal (HHTT) is a tank terminal being developed for the storage and trans-shipment of oil products and biofuels on the Hartel strip, on the south side of the Mississippi port on the Maasvlakte. The total site covers an area of 28 hectares.

With this project, too, a deep-sea quay was built that stretched the limits of what is feasible. In addition to this 1200m long quay, a 1000m long inland waterway was built, and a jetty of 255m long for 4 berths, together with an undertaking of necessary dredging works and interventions for bank and soil protection.

Once again, SBE was asked to carry out the design of the deep-sea quay, and under great time pressure. During the execution of the works, SBE had an assessing role, while also providing technical assistance.

A.L.J. Timmermans (B.V. Ingenieursbureau M.U.C.)

A.L.J. Timmermans (B.V. Ingenieursbureau M.U.C.)