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Location: Temse
Discipline: Port, river & hydraulic engineering, Urbanism & Design
Period: 2017 - ...

Depoldering of Klein Broek and Groot Broek

The Klein and Groot Broek areas will be depoldered so that the Durme will have flooding space and tidal nature can flourish here. Here, too, the work starts with the raising of a ring dyke and the necessary appurtenances. Two pumping stations will be built on the site of Groot Broek, which will make it possible to discharge surface water collected behind the new ring dykes into the Durme during a high tide. A total of 15 structures (pumping stations, drainage sluices and culverts) will be built to ensure that the upstream discharge is managed in an orderly fashion in the new layout.

SBE is very enthusiastic to be working on this project:

  • The geophysical study and soil mechanical calculations of the body of the dyke, including the embankment protections
  • The design of two pumping stations with screw pumps
  • The design of various drainage structures and culverts
  • Preparation of the complete tender dossier

In respect of Groot Broek, the works will be phased as follows:

  1. Phase 1: Start the implementation of the northern ring dyke
  2. Phase 2: Study of the southern ring dyke, including all drainage structures, pumping stations and the Beerkaaihuisje defences and structure
  3. Phase 3: Depoldering study & fitting out of internal area

For Klein Broek, the phasing is divided up in the same way:

  1. Phase 1: Implementation of the ring dyke
  2. Phase 2: Depoldering study & fitting out of internal area
Credits aerial photos: De Vlaamse Waterweg