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Location: Ghent
Discipline: Industry & Buildings, Port, river & hydraulic engineering
Period: 2016 - 2020

All Weather Terminal

Works completed


Works started

December 2018

Start of final design and implementation study

June 2018

Award of contract to Stadsbader nv

May 2018

Start of tender phase (tender design study)

September 2016

In the port of Ghent, a new All Weather Terminal is being built on ArcelorMittal’s premises in order to be able to load ships with high-grade steel products irrespective of weather conditions. The terminal consists of a storage depot into which two train tracks arrive. The incoming trains can be unloaded using three long overhead cranes. More than 2 million tonnes of steel can be shipped through the terminal each year.

Against this warehouse, a quay hall will be built on the existing canal bank (200m long and 57m wide). This hall is accessible to large ships onto which the steel products can be loaded by means of two Mantsinen cranes. Transport between the warehouse and the quay hall is in the form of six transfer trolleys and two half gantry cranes.

The quay hall will be founded on a new wharf on the canal side. On the other side, the quay wall will be extended so that the quay hall is sufficiently accessible to long ships. Finally, the access channel will also be provided with an underwater dam wall with guide poles.

Stadsbader nv called upon the expertise of SBE to design all of the hydraulic engineering works: the quay wall, wharf, embankment defences and shipping impact protection were all designed with the necessary care. The foundation of the buildings, the workshop floor and the concept study for the steel construction were also part of our range of tasks, as was supporting the client through from the quotation phase to the execution phase.