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Industrial constructions may often look square and simple, but each building comes with its own sector-specific technical requirements, which in turn requires a sophisticated plan to be drafted. The Industry & Buildings team predominantly operates in the port of Antwerp where it assists a number of major (petro)chemical players in the design of their steel and concrete structures. Just some of the industrial projects SBE has been involved with include (underground) parking garages, large public buildings, stations, etc.

Industry & buildings

Industrial constructions

When it comes to port areas, we do not simply confine ourselves to quay walls, locks and terminals. We also help multinationals with the development of their sites. We have framework contracts with market leaders such as BASF and Total for the design of pipe bridges, sheds and warehouses, silos, platforms, etc. Our engineers use high-end software and are up-to-date with the latest developments in finite element analysis. Assisted by the geotechnical engineers and a team of more than 30 BIM engineers, the design is converted into technical drawings and BIM models. This combination of calculations and drawings allows us to offer a total solution to our customers.

Buildings and underground car parks

Every building, even a normal house, needs an engineer. More than 30 years ago, SBE worked closely with architects and calculated the stability of many homes. Today, SBE has worldwide references in the design of landmarks such as stations, exhibition halls, concert halls, shopping centres, (underground) car parks, and more.

One of our greatest assets is the wide range of services we can offer our customers, including project management, sketch design, (preliminary) designs, technical drawings, site monitoring and more. All of this is in accordance with standards such as Eurocodes, British Standards and many other criteria.

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