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In order to be able to offer its customers 360° solutions, SBE increased its offering with a team of electromechanics. This means we can deliver an integrated design for infrastructural, maritime and hydraulic projects, including the drawing up of tender documents and the provision of as-built technical drawings of civil and electromechanical components.


Electromechanical design and engineering

Movable bridges, lock gates, tunnel equipment, pumping stations, and more… all of these constructions contain (electro-)mechanical parts. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of SBE’s electromechanical team, we are one of the few engineering firms in Belgium that can offer all the services required for tunnel design. Our electromechanical services include:

  • Tunnel safety
  • Design of ventilation
  • Lighting studies
  • Traffic systems
  • Pump design
  • Fire safety
  • HVAC
  • Automation
  • Design of gearboxes and transmissions
  • Design of bearings
  • Design of electric motors
  • Design of hydraulic groups
  • Piston design

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