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Road transport, whether for work or pleasure, remains the most commonly used type of infrastructure. At the heart of all these roads, structures, bridges, tunnels and interchanges lies sophisticated civil engineering.

Civil engineering & infrastructure

Road development

The construction, maintenance and renewal of roads is a crucial issue and a major expenditure item for governments around the world. Where new roads in developing countries are desperately needed for the country’s social and economic growth, major cities look for solutions to relieve congested traffic arteries. In both cases, SBE has the expertise to tackle the problem.

Depending on what is required, we can draw up a mobility plan, a master plan, a technical road design, interchanges and junctions, entry and exit complexes, etc. When it comes to the environmental and social impact analyses within the mobility plan, we work together with the very best consultants.

Tunnel design

Tunnels offer the great feature of guaranteeing extra capacity with a minimal ecological footprint. Although more expensive than bridges, they are therefore a popular solution in densely populated urban areas. In mountainous regions and stretching under rivers, they have often been part of the landscape and collective memory for centuries.

SBE not only knows about the qualities of tunnels, but also the difficult aspects of them, such as challenging boundary conditions. SBE offers all necessary expertise in tunnels, including civil engineering and electromechanical designs (ventilation, lighting and fire safety).

Bridge design

Bridges come in all shapes and sizes. Practical and essential straightforward bridges that only allow movement, or beautiful architectural works of art packed with complex designs that have really challenged the engineers. SBE has carried out the detailed design of dozens of steel and concrete bridges all over the world. SBE’s portfolio includes the following types of bridges, with spans ranging from just a few metres to many hundreds of metres:

  • Cable-stayed bridges
  • Arched bridges
  • Truss bridges
  • Movable bridges
  • Bridges with orthotropic deck
  • Swing bridges
  • Bicycle and pedestrian bridges

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