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SBE brings together more than 30 years of expertise with youthful creativity to create innovative civil engineering and electromechanical solutions for Belgium and the rest of the world. By working together with governments and other clients, we can then sustainably build the world of tomorrow. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, our team of more than 140 enthusiastic engineers and BIM designers ensure SBE is a strong and reliable partner for the (inter)national market. Our creative social imagination and proactive process management help us focus on 5 core activities: port, river & hydraulic engineering, civil engineering & infrastructure, urbanism & design, industrial constructions & buildings and electromechanics.


At SBE, we believe in progress. That is why all of our team members are encouraged to continue to develop and deepen their field of expertise. As a company, we are also looking for complementary fields of study, which not only raises our services to a higher level but allows us to integrate an ever-broader approach. Not only does this make us a central point of contact for our customers, it also means we can offer them an all-round solution.

SBE's 5 core activities

SBE specialises in five areas within the fields of civil engineering and electromechanics. SBE also has the ability to effortlessly change hats, from taking on the role of an integral designer of architectural and civil engineering constructions, to the project manager for the feasibility phase and final delivery.


It goes without saying that quality and high-performing achievements are vital in the civil engineering and electromechanical sectors. At SBE, we believe that this also includes impeccable and reliable service.

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  • Key to this, are sustainable and confidential ties with all our contacts. We approach customers, suppliers and subcontractors in the same constructive way.
  • By fully focusing on the development and growth curve of our employees’ technical skills, SBE challenges its daily operations time and again, ensuring they always rise to the occasion.
  • In order to continue operating at the highest level, we scrutinise our operations at various different stages. We have an internal quality system with in-house audits, an annual external audit and ‘put into practice’ feedback, all of which keeps us on our toes.


The immense scale of SBE’s projects ensures that we are inextricably linked to the surrounding environment. As one of the main players in the realisation of large constructions in ports, along watercourses, and in cities and industrial areas, SBE takes its responsibility seriously and approaches every step of the process with a sustainable vision.

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  • Impact on the environment
    We continuously look at how any impact on the surrounding environment and local residents can be kept to a minimum.
  • Reducing our ecological footprint
    SBE reduces its ecological footprint in two major ways: on the one hand, by investing in ecological infrastructure, and on the other by focusing on sustainable commuting and transport for team members.
  • Voka Sustainable Business Charter
    SBE is committed to the Voka Sustainable Business Charter. This is a charter based on the 17 sustainability objectives drawn up by the United Nations, which Voka intends to put into practice among its 18,000 members.

European Social Fund

The ESF supports work opportunities in European Member States on the basis of a number of specific objectives or projects. Given the nature of the work at SBE, the HR policy focuses on ‘Sustainable Career Management’, in which work-life balance and a career and skills policy are central, as well as ‘in-house training’, where we continually invest in updating the knowledge and skills of our people.


  • Sint-Niklaas (HQ)
  • Namur
  • Rotterdam
  • Valencia

SBE’s head office in Sint-Niklaas is a convenient 5-minute walk from the station, making it perfect for those who want to visit or come to work by public transport. We are always happy to welcome you to our pleasant and spacious offices.

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