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We won gold! #BCA21

On March 10, 2022, Team A12 and the Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer (Roads and Traffic Agency) received the Belgian Construction Award in the communication category. This is a wonderful recognition for our team, project and intensive communication and participation process.

SBE is part of Team A12, along with Transport & Mobility Leuven, Antea Group Belgium and DenS Communicatie bvba. The purpose of the project is to reconstruct the A12 in accordance with its status as a Flemish Main Road and the N177 as a comb structure for local access.

The A12/N177 currently has five level junctions between the Wilrijk viaduct in the north and the Boom embayment in the south, each of which is controlled by traffic lights. These five intersections are currently included in the dynamic list of dangerous intersections in Flanders and score very high in the priority score. It is therefore important to convert the A12 in accordance with its status and not to allow any more intersections on the A12. This requires the A12 to be tunneled under at least at the 3 main junctions.

An intensive communication process was followed in this study with public participation through an interactive map application and information meetings for the general public. Read more about this.

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