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SBE provides technical assistance for the renovation of Viaduct Vilvoorde

At the beginning of March, De Werkvennootschap officially commenced the renovation of the Vilvoorde Viaduct. This iconic bridge from 1976 is one of the busiest sections on the Ring around Brussels and is in need of a thorough renovation. The 1.7 km-long construction consists of four bridge types: 2 mixed steel concrete bridges, a hyper-static steel box girder bridge and a hyperstatic post-tensioned concrete box girder bridge. Each part will be renovated and reinforced so that the lifespan is extended to 2078.

SBE will advice De Werkvennootschap in evaluating and supervising the Design & Build assignment for the renovation of the viaduct. SBE works together with a number of subcontractors: Sanacon bvba, Mint nv, Haskoning DHV Nederland bv and UGent experts honorary professor. Dr. Ir. Philippe van Bogaert, prof. Dr. Ir. Hans De Backer and prof. Dr. Ir. Wim De Waele. The construction works are scheduled to start in 2022 for a duration of 5 years.

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