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Study day for students

Groepsfoto scholieren

On Tuesday, March 29, 200 secondary students from different schools in Sint-Niklaas will be immersed in the design process of the new bicycle bridge that will be built at Vijfstraten in Sint-Niklaas, as part of the F4 bicycle highway between Ghent and Antwerp.

The students have the opportunity to follow four different sessions, consisting of both lectures and interactive workshops. The sessions take place at 3 different locations within walking distance of the actual project area. This project is a collaboration of SBE with the City of Sint-Niklaas and the province of Oost-Vlaanderen.

Session 1 (‘t Bau-Huis, Slachthuisstraat 60, Sint-Niklaas)

Alderman for mobility Carl Hanssens talks about mobility in the city and why a switch to sustainable mobility is necessary. The Province of Oost-Vlaanderen then explains the importance of bicycle highways at intermunicipal level and the associated modal shift.

Session 2 (King George, Driekoningenstraat 48, Sint-Niklaas)

The designers of the bridge (SBE) explain the concrete design of this bicycle bridge, paying attention to (the synergy between) architecture and urban planning and stability. Administrative matters are also discussed, including timing and costs.

Session 3 (SBE nv, Slachthuisstraat 71, Sint-Niklaas)

During a tour of the offices of the multidisciplinary consultancy company SBE nv, the students gain more insight into how to deal with such complex infrastructure projects. By means of drawings, mathematical models and a conversation with different profiles, the students get a better idea of ​​how a project takes shape.

Session 4 (‘t Bau-Huis, Slachthuisstraat 60, Sint-Niklaas)

Using a bicycle simulator (in collaboration with Aeroplane XR), the students can experience the new route of the Vijfstraten bicycle bridge and thus feel the added value of the project. The route being cycled mimics the effective slopes to make the cyclist’s experience as realistic as possible. And this both with and without VR glasses. At the same location, the students also work together on the construction of a bamboo bridge, and can put their own knowledge into practice. A real challenge for future engineers, architects and draftsmen from the different domains of the third year of secondary, more specifically from strong mathematical fields, architectural design, green management and technical fields of different schools in Sint-Niklaas (SJKS, Portus Berkenboom, Broederschool Biotechnical and Sport), Sint-Carolus, Brothers Humanities, OLVP).


Since the bridge is being built in the center of the city, the students will also have the opportunity to follow the evolution of the bridge in the coming months. In this way, together with the young people in Sint-Niklaas, we are making the city of tomorrow.

We hope in this way to enthuse the participants for scientific directions by bringing them into contact with concrete projects close to the school. The project also gives them insight into the business world and insight into the importance of sustainable mobility. And of course there is also the chance to get to know each other better across the borders of the school!

With projects such as these, the city of Sint-Niklaas wants to fully focus on an ‘OK Future’. More information can be found at

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