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Public survey redevelopment A12 was a great succes!

About 2 months ago, Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer inquired about the preferences for the redesign of the A12/N177 roadway between the Decathlon in Aartselaar and IKEA in Wilrijk. In this way participation was gathered from potential visitors, companies, passers-by and interested parties in the wider area. The top priorities for the participants in the survey are: 

  • Fluent through traffic on the A12 by car or truck 
  • Road safety
  • Easy to cross with motorized transport, bicycle and on foot 

Almost half of all participants consider a cycle path essential. Preference is given to a well-equipped two-way cycle path on both sides of the road. A majority of the participants are in favor of a tunnel solution, with one long tunnel under the five intersections as preferred, so that the tunnel roof can allow public transport and a good bicycle connection. 

SBE is part of team A12, together with Transport & Mobility Leuven, Antea Group Belgium and DenS Communicatie bvba. We used our experience in large infrastructure projects, project management and GIS to develop our own platform on which the ideas could be pinned and analyzed. 

We are currently processing the more than 3,000 open comments. They are all examined and summarised into a response note, so that everyone can read how the comments made are included in the Environmental Impact Assessment (MER). 

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