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Project Royers lock received a nomination!

On May 6, the Belgian Construction Awards were presented during an online live ceremony. The BIM model of the Royers lock project was honored for its innovative and leading role in the construction sector, as runner-up in the BIM Infrastructure category. This recognition is given annually to a BIM infrastructure project realized in the Benelux.

About the project

The Royers Lock is the entrance from the Scheldt to the Albert Canal in the Port of Antwerp. It was decided to completely demolish the existing lock and build a new, larger lock of 250 meters long and 36 meters wide. Building a new lock and associated road bridges of such magnitude is highly unusual in Belgium. SBE has +30 years of experience in hydraulic engineering projects and is therefore proud to be part of this major infrastructure project. We were responsible for the feasibility study, the design and preparation of the tender documents for the excavation, concrete works, steel works, service works, electromechanics and the access channel to the lock. We also created a BIM model of the lock and its surrounding infrastructure. The architectural design was in the hands of ZJA.

The integrated approach in one BIM model

Nowadays the use of BIM within large projects has become standard within SBE’s approach. BIM manager Kevin De Maesschalck is therefore very happy with this recognition: “I worked on this challenging project as BIM engineer and coordinator. I modeled part of the mechanics components and I was also responsible for the layout of the BIM model.”

“Why was this such a special project for us? For me mainly because of its multidisciplinary nature: both the concrete, steel, mechanics and infrastructure components are gathered in this model. As BIM coordinator, my responsibilities included clash checks and the alignment of the different disciplines. The BIM department again worked intensively with the engineers, a real two way interaction. Teamwork in other words, as we often do at SBE! After winning the Construsoft award in June 2020, this is again a nice recognition for our hard work.”

Applying a BIM model within infrastructure projects has numerous benefits:

  • A better quality and more transparent cooperation between all parties
  • the interfaces of the various disciplines are attuned to each other
  • A clash-free design means less failure costs and a faster throughput time overall
  • The extracts are 1 on 1 correct and reliable

Finally, the BIM model can also be used as a basis for visualizations, a VR environment and digital safety walks. Curious? Watch the animated visualization video below and walk around the future Royers lock!

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