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New Seabund Middelkerke-Westende is awarded!

Woohoo! Our project Zeedijk Middelkerke is awarded with 2 Blue Innovation Awards! The organization celebrates inspiring initiatives in the field of innovation and sustainability. The new Sea bund received the Blue Innovation Captain award, as well as the public award: the Inspirational Blue Wave award.

Despite the initial scope of a 5km long stilling wave basin (SWB), the joint venture ‘Groene Zeedijk’ (existing of MOP-JUNO, CLUSTER landschap & stedenbouw, Plantec and SBE) proposed a more green solution. Low sand dunes with beach vegetations will provide green protection of the coastline along 2/3th of the trajectory. SBE was responsible for the coastal protection calculations, including modelling of the coastal waves, dune erosion during storm and structural calculations of the SWB.

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