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Latest report PIANC WG 198

One of our colleagues, project manager Jeroen Hillewaere (7 years active at SBE), worked for 4 years on the latest report “Saltwater Intrusion Mitigation in Inland Waterways” that PIANC has published. Together with experts from leading international companies and institutions in this field (USACE, BAW, Flanders Hydraulics, Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares, Artelia, Port of Seville & ACP), Jeroen has made a contribution to the publication of this report as the ‘young professional’ for the Belgian PIANC section.

This report provides guidelines and recommendations for the study of saltwater intrusion in inland waterways and, where necessary or required, its mitigation. Mitigation methods are summarised as well as measurement and modelling techniques that can be used to predict or determine the effectiveness of various measures. Attention is given to both inland waterways (i.e. waterways that are enclosed via dams with shipping locks) and open river estuaries.

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