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Final phase of flood measures in Maarkebeek

In the spring of 2021, VMM began implementing measures to reduce the future risk of flooding posed by the Maarkebeek in Oudenaarde and Maarkedal. These actions form part of the ‘river contract‘, a commitment entered into by the town of Oudenaarde, the municipality of Maarkedal, and the province of East Flanders in 2015.

The Maarkebeek causes major problems with flooding after heavy rainfall. To prevent/mitigate this phenomenon, a ‘winter bed’ is currently being created along Meersbloem-Leupegem so that the same flow rate will result in a lower water level. The creation of the winter bed requires the widening of two engineering structures: the duct under the N8, which has already been upgraded (from 4.5 m to 7 m wide), and the bridge giving access to the Meersbloem-Melden industrial zone. The new bridge will be installed in mid-December.

The Flemish Environment Agency and the Agency for Roads and Traffic appointed SBE as the engineering firm for this contract. SBE was responsible for the design of the concrete duct under the N8, the new bridge, and the bypass of the Maarkebeek. The preparation of the environmental permit and the drafting of the tender dossier were also included in this dossier. In addition, SBE was responsible for the coordination between the utility companies and we are providing technical assistance to contractor Persyn during the execution stage.

Source: Flanders Environment Agency – VMM

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