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‘Do Bamboo’, hotspot in Sinaai

‘Do Bamboo’: sustainable construction project becomes a new hotspot on the Ter Beke site

‘Do Bamboo’, an impressive bamboo construction, is being installed at the Ter Beke site in Sinaai at the moment. The open dome, with a diameter of no less than 12 meters, is being built by students from Ghent University and young people from Sinaai, as an example of a sustainable construction, an innovative project that SBE wanted to sponsor and support! In the coming summer season, it will become a new hotspot in Sinaai, with lots of fun activities and a real summer bar at the Troelant youth center. The ingenious construction ‘Do Bamboo’ was realized by second-year civil engineer-architect students from Ghent University, under the supervision of professor Jan Belis, who lives in Sinaai. Sustainable building was the starting point, and bamboo the ecological material. The result is an impressive open dome as an eye-catcher for sports hall Ter Beke and youth center Troelant.


The process

For Jan Belis, professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Ghent University, this is not his first construction piece. He previously realized experimental constructions in Finland, Italy and China. The design for this construction in Sinaai was chosen by a jury of experts from 48 entries. And with an overwhelming majority of the votes, volunteers from the Troelant youth center chose this final design. The construction tests the load-bearing capacity of bamboo as a sustainable building material for large-scale structures. Important knowledge that can later be used in theoretical models. After all, bamboo is an alternative, renewable construction material with a small ecological footprint.

This project was also an ideal way for the students to put theory into practice. A team of 22 enthousiastic students has been working on this for weeks now. The Bamboo was measured, new plans and computer models were developed, and afterwards there was a lot of testing involved. After this ingenious preparation, the real set up of the bamboo construction was the next step, which was carried out by the students themselves, with the help of volunteers from the Troelant youth center. It became a project with, by and for young people, with an eye on sustainable construction techniques, a project at the intersection of education and business.


New hotspot coming summer

With the arrival of ‘Do Bamboo’, the Ter Beke site has for sure gained a nice attention grabber. This summer the dome will also be a place for many fun activities and a real summer bar, led by youth center Troelant (Vleeshouwersstraat 4c, 9112 Sinaai-Waas). An unmissable hotspot in Sinaai!


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