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SBE contributes to the complex project New Lock Zeebrugge

Aerial photo: ©Henderyckx

The Joint Venture SBE-TRACTEBEL is participating in the complex project New Lock Zeebrugge of the Department of Mobility and Public Works. The JV is contributes to the technical concept design of the lock environment and the surrounding traffic networks. With this project, the Flemish government is preparing the port of Zeebrugge and its surroundings for the future. A new lock provides a second access to the inner port and the new Nx road improves mobility. In addition, a lot of attention is paid to quality of life during and after the construction works. More information about the project and our role can be found on our website.

To keep residents, companies and interested parties informed about the project, the project team is distributing an information newspaper this week. You can also read the newspaper digitally at If you would like to receive regular updates on the project in your mailbox, you can sign up for the digital newsletter on the website.

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