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As an independent engineering design consultancy, SBE works together with its clients to build tomorrow’s world in a sustainable way. Our projects are the result of more than 30 years of expertise, combined with a creative social imagination and proactive process management.

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SBE's 5 core activities

SBE specialises in five areas within the fields of civil engineering and electromechanics. SBE also has the ability to effortlessly change hats, from taking on the role of an integral designer of architectural and civil engineering constructions, to the project manager for the feasibility phase and final delivery.


The unique combination of extensive experience and youthful creativity makes SBE a valuable partner for all your civil engineering and electromechanical projects.

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Curious about what is happening within SBE? Or which projects we are involved in? This news will keep you updated about the ins and outs within SBE and our projects.

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From Antwerp to Vietnam, SBE strides towards progress and innovation throughout the world. An overview of both current and completed projects.

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Then you’ll certainly fit in well with the go-getters at SBE! We are always looking for driven people whose heart beats just that little bit faster at the thought of innovative ideas and state-of-the-art designs.

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